New track posted: Sitting All Alone. Contains samples from The Swingle Singers - "Bach's Largo from the Harpsichord Concerto in F minor" and Don Covay - "Come See About Me"

Well, "My Humps" is a pretty annoying track, but laid over the top of Perez Prado's "Mambo Lupita" it works pretty well. Check out the Bigside Mix here.

There are several new additions in the audio section: a remix of The Lennon Sister's "Where Have All the Flowers Gone," four remixes of "Yeungling," and another commercial shorty, "Little Ditty 9."

"Winter Compilation" and "420 Blackbirds" have been added to the audio section. Bigside Left has finally joined the crowd at MySpace.

Two new ones have been added to the commercial sell-out section on the botom of the audio page: Little Ditty 7 & 8.

The Netherland's Ludo Maas aka Multi-Panel does some really cool folksy-lofi-electronica goodness. His track, "Deunte" gets the remix treatment with the horsie breaks:
Deuente (mp3)

Beastie Boys remix of "All Lifestyles"
All Lifestyle (mp3)
Bigside Left track up at the FeedRoom. (Click one of the buttons in the flash movie at top) We'll get this one posted in the audio section soon.

New track for your ipod: Whiner (mp3)
This one's got all the regular bigside spices and a few leftovers from the freezer.

*EDIT - this has been postponed indefinately-RH 07/15/05* 12" Yeungling Single with Remixes by Tal M Klein and Skizzo Franick coming sometime this summer on Aniligital. Check out the cover art here. New track: "Horseback Riding Techniques Vol. 2" -same beats, different goodies on top. If you're in the mood for any and all things Bigside, here's a cheezy disco track done for a WB program.

New mp3s added to the audio section: "What's On Your Mind" and "Horseback Riding Techniques Vol 1."

Short new one-don't miss the video-What's On Your Mind

Missy Elliot Remix

"The Night of the Living Dead" is a fantastic movie and was recently moved to public domain. It gets the Bigside Left treatment with a remix of Ministry's "So What."
So What Remix Video

Tossed up a new track, "Yeungling", a bunch of random thoughts on childhood in the midwestern forests, the neighbor's prefab home, and the generic beer cans they'd throw onto the bigside. Note that Yuengling (spelled correctly) is actually a fine, fine American beer.

TRS80 has a fantastic new album out, Shake Hands With Danger, and it's pretty damned impressive. go check it out.

Heard Danger Mouse's Grey Album? Basically it's Jay-Z's Black Album vs. the Beatle's White Album. This would be a little nicer in a more complex instrumental form, but wtf, it's against the establishment, so here tis:

With the new year comes a bag of Bigside Left stuff. Along with the new design, there's several new tracks and a couple videos.

Bigside Left snuck into the television scene with some music for the WB TV show, Toni On, recently–watch for it some late night, I'm not sure when it airs again. I've not got the original up, but there's a slightly hipper version called Cha Cha that's ready for you to stick in your ipod. As long as I'm rambling in commercial sell-out mode, have a look at the bottom of the audio page for something to use in your newest Nike or BMW commercial. Give me a jingaling if you're interested in using something.

Aniligital Music's All Your Beats Are Belong to Us Volume 1 is available for purchase here. Pick one up before they're all gone. Volume 2 is in the works I hear, and hopefully they'll be a bit more readily available. I'll keep you posted.

A proper full length Bigside Left album should appear here someday. There's certainly enough material... It is all a matter of deciding how to disribute it without exerting too much energy. In the meantime, just download all the mp3s here. Is Bigside Left lazy? No, not really, I just keep really busy with lots of different projects and nobody has knocked on the door with a pretty opportunity. Come and knock on my door, I'll be waiting for you...

Trancenden's new album, Alphabeats, will be out shortly, watch for that, it's kick-ass. It includes a Bigside Left collaboration, Within Earshot, that Mr. Klein and I put together in October. Just finished a pretty snazzy video for it, take a peek in the video section. I'll post a link to the full album here once it is all set and done.

I always feel obligated to say something here about the mystery of squidattack.com... and well, I don't have much to say. We've sort of lost stream in the production arena, so I'll probably just turn it into a blog at some point when I'm feeling particularly guilty about the growing mold. There's just too much other shit going on.

Let me know if I'm still doing things right... or not, all criticism is welcome.