What a coincidence! One year exactly since the last post... What slackers!
New Track from Bigside Left: Sitting All Alone

This guy has some pretty slick beats. Check out his MPC videos on YouTube: Boon Dock


From flightphase.com:
"At night projections from moving cars are shone on the buildings downtown. Each car projects a video of a wild animal. The animal’s movements are programmed to correspond to the speed of the car: as the car moves, the animal runs along it speeding up and slowing down with the car, as the car stops, the animal stops also. The framerate of the movie corresponds to the speed of the wheel rotation, picked up by a sensor..."
flightphase.com link


Newish Bigside Left track: Winter Compilation (MP3)

Just found these guys on myspace: Evolution Controlled Creations. They've mashed Public Enemy, Herb Albert and some cooking video together for tastey results

Rebel Without a Pause (mpeg 1)

There's lots of worthwile stuff at their site, so pay them a visit.


"Gramophone records, magnetic tapes, vinyl records, digital samplers and computers have already liberated the samples long ago. But still - to infringe copyrights - one has to decide which sample one actually wants to steal. One has to arduously load audio files into sample editors or sequencers. One has to cut, copy, paste and arrange. All that takes precious creative energy and a lot of time.

Enough of that!" - scrambled hackz

YouTube Video


"I/O Brush is a new drawing tool to explore colors, textures, and movements found in everyday materials by "picking up" and drawing with them. I/O Brush looks like a regular physical paintbrush but has a small video camera with lights and touch sensors embedded inside. Outside of the drawing canvas, the brush can pick up color, texture, and movement of a brushed surface. On the canvas, artists can draw with the special "ink" they just picked up from their immediate environment."

Kimiko Ryokai, Stefan Marti, Hiroshi Ishii, Josh Monzon & Rob Figueiredo
© 2003-2005 MIT Media Lab

Quicktime MOV[25MB]


Wow! I don't know who gets credit for this (someone email us), but it's slick as hell:

"Scratch the World" (Google Video Pop)


Mike Tyson's Punch Out on stage:


"This cinéma vérité film was made in a single take with no editing, using a gyro-stabilised camera mount attached to the front of the car. The length of the film was limited by the capacity of the camera reel (under 10 minutes). There is no dialog, and the actors only appear briefly at the end; the driver's face is never shown.
Lelouch apparently sought an official permit but was denied by municipal authorities. Combined with low traffic, this probably influenced the early-morning hour of the shoot. The driver, purportedly an F1 racer, frightened unwitting pedestrians, scattered birds, ran stoplights, went the wrong way down one-way streets, crossed center lines, and ignored other traffic laws, in addition to speed limits. A close analysis showed the car at times approached 140 mph (220 km/h). Obstacles such as buses, garbage trucks, and small knots of traffic forced detours and abrupt downshifting. Though no police were encountered during the shoot itself, when Lelouch showed his film in public, he was arrested. Apparently no charges were ever filed, but as a result the film remained underground for many years.
The film has recently been re-mastered from the 35mm negative and released on DVD."

C'était un rendez-vous MOV


Wow! "D'Groove (Digital Groove) is the world's first digital haptic force feedback turntable system."


Beastie Boy's "All Lifestyles" Remix ala Bigside Left: MP3
Once upon a time we were expecting a 12" of the Bigside Left single, "Yeungling." It seems that times have changed. Things suck. Write a letter to your local congressmen.


Digital Needle - A Virtual Gramophone


Russian Homemade DJ cassette decks

Also, for those asking, not sure about release date of Bigside Left "Yeungling" single yet... Be patient, I am


Newish site over in bigsideleftville and another mp3:


Robotic turntables:


Check out this fantastic Volkwagon golf commercial: MOV


Tal M. Klein interview at The L Magazine
LEMUR is a Brooklyn-based group of artists and technologists developing robotic musical instruments.


New Bigside Left shorty video:
Bigside Left - "What's on Your Mind"
Also, Fensler has another TRS80 video here.


Beautiful visual representation of our evil empire


"Those who are too smart to engage in politics are punished by being governed by those who are dumber" -Plato
Revolution USA


Ninja's Hexstatic has a new site up. Check the "Salvador" video:
Hexstatic Site


Another TRS80 Nike Ad


Bush in 30 Seconds Winner
I'm in the doghouse for skipping the march in Manhattan today. To make up for it, I'm posting this. Don't vote for that bastard again!


Shades of Gray
Great film by Jesse Cowell-definitely worthwhile!


Straight Talk
from George W. Bush featuring Will Farrell

This is dope. (via T.D.)


Smooth Roots video by The Saline Project.


It's been a long while... We've updated the site into something a bit more casually updatable so that it won't remain stagnant for months (well, years) at a time.

Bigside Left recently finished a collaboration with Tal M. Klein of Trancenden fame. check out the video here.

"Night of the Living Dead" recently went into public domain and gets tossed into a bowl with a Bigside Left Remix of Ministry's "So What" (not public domain). Also new over in Bigside Country is a remix of Missy Elliot's "Pass That Dutch" which can reside on your harddrive if you click here.

I can never give enough props to TRS80. They just did a slot for Nike. Check it.


Light Saber Video from Heavy.com

Haven't seen Flat Eric in awhile, but I bumped into it at Heavy and figured it deserved a link as well.


Council Folk
Pork Recordings
Pi Recordings

The Onion

Beats in Space

Addictive TV
Fensler Film